Seminar's application

Meet us from October 14 2pm to October 17 4pm, 2021

in southwestern France by the ocean.


Let's get to know each other in a very unusual way. 

Before getting into the Briefings we will do a "blind pitch exercise".

To learn more about it.. Show up!



Don't get fooled by his smile.

This man is a machine.

His mission is to help you break your limits.

Prepare for pain...



Debriefings will become a routine.

At first they will be difficult.

After several days they will turn into a habit.

At the end of the week? 

They will be your "new" secret weapon.

And yes... that's our house, and we will debriefing there.


You will be tasked with a mission, and you will have to deliver as a TEAM.

No excuse, no complain, just results.

Flying fast jets in virtual reality things can go wrong very fast.

If someone has to eject? We will launch a recovery mission!

Failure will not be an option.

Expect to learn a lot on yourself during this very demanding experience.


We will adapt to your goals and get you ready for them.

HR interview, management challenges, how to interact with you chain of command....

These role plays will be tailored made.



Your body is your best jet.

Taking care of your back, your joints and your muscle is key in enabling your mind to function properly, without pain.

Day after day you will work on your posture, your flexibility and your agility.

No excuse.




But the best part will be the TOP GUN trophy competition...

Who will be the best gun fighter ?

Yes, it is important to have some fun too!

(And did we mention we will have a big pool and the ocean minutes away ?)



What are your objectives ?

What is your roadmap to achieve them ?

We will take time to step back and share experiences.

The past months have been difficult, yet our ultra dynamic world offers tons of opportunity if your brain is looking for them!


After 5 days all together we will not just split.

We will come up with a plan of action and you will have to take actions.

Pilots in command are accountable.

We will check in on you, 

Maximum team of 9 people.

A pre-selection will ensure the homogeneity of the group.

Early bird rate until 15/08/2021 : *


Normal price: 2750€

Apply now !

Covid: In the event of a new circulation of the COVID-19 virus, we are committed to respecting all the necessary measures to prevent its spread and to respect government measures. In the event of a ban on physical or limited gatherings that would not ensure the smooth running of this week, we will refund all amounts paid or your place will be reserved for the next edition.

(1) The precise address will be communicated to you later.

(2) This price includes all services except transport.