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Patrice Leguet


Patrice Leguet began his military career in the National Gendarmerie, he was then reoriented in the National Navy as rifleman in a regional intervention group participating in large-scale exercises alongside the Marine Commandos and the GIGN.

Sportsman and trained in combat sports, he became chief instructor of physical and sports training in the French Navy. He was the privileged adviser to the Commissioner for Military Sport (Battalion of Joinville) in matters of operational physical preparation.

Assigned to the On-Board Air Group, he was in charge of the operational physical and mental preparation of fighter pilots of the French Navy.

He participated in numerous burst fire campaigns then was deployed on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier where he worked as operational support for pilots in Iraq. As specialist in self-defense, he also performed military police functions with each deployment of the airborne group.

Patrice Leguet is now a civilian and consultant in physical and mental preparation, particularly in stress management.

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