Our Mission

We are all our own captain.

Every morning, we wake up at the controls of our own aircraft. The world around us is constantly changing. Technological development is transforming our work environment. We have replaced our pencil-drawn maps with a multitude of screens. The flow of information to manage is only increasing. We try to deal with it with our old ways until… the accident!

It is by taking a step back that we have identified that in a world of exponential technological growth, our Achilles heel is linked to our lack of discipline and respect for the basics.

With D.Brief, our goal is to help you gain perspective on leadership, performance, value creation and the importance of the role of team members: followership.

Fly Safe!


Pierre-Henri "Até" Chuet

Pierre-Henri is a former athlete at world championship level in world triathlon, duathlon, precision piloting.

After starting aviation at the age of 14, he became a fighter pilot in the United States in 2008 before joining the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle for ten years. Instructor on Rafale Marine, he was awarded a combat medal in Iraq in 2016.

He joined Air Canada as an airline pilot in 2017 and at the same time adapted civil and military aviation methods in companies in the form of conferences and training.

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