D.BRIEF: Achieving success in an exponential world: supersonic leadership and followership

Apply the key principles of fighter pilots in your personal and professional life : Aviate – Navigate – Communicate

● Making the time to focus on yourself will make you a better person, leader and follower.

Analysing, where you are going, will not only improve your chances of success but will enable you to get there faster.

● Communication is powerful yet often misused. Why should you aviate-navigate-communicate? Because you are in control of a very precious single-seat piece of high tech equipment: yourself. If you do not take control and act as a Pilot In Command, who will?

Let me share with you how methods used to break the sound barrier can help you achieve success in our exponential society.

“Like an “op mode”, D.BRIEF prepares us for the flight like a coach. “ATE” helps us trace our flight plan.

Simple, pragmatic, efficient and effective, D.BRIEF projects you towards your center of push to find your center of gravity as a leader !“

Nathalie Monin

Head of HR- ENI Gas and Power France